Parrot posing for the camera.

Parrot posing for the camera.

We caught him eating, but it was still very friendly and posed for our photo shoot.
They are beautiful animals.

Bee having it’s breakfast / Abeja desayunando

Bee having it's breakfast / Abeja desayunando

Ayer, como les comentaba en el post anterior, me dispuse a visitar un parque al que tenía mucho tiempo de no ir.
Cuando me disponía a regresar a casa, me encontré a una abeja volando alrededor de unas flores que al parecer se llaman “Aves del paraíso” (corrijanme si me equivoco por favor).
Así que, saqué mi cámara y, pues, juzguen ustedes.

Yesterday, as I said in the previous post, I set out to visit a park that didn’t visit for so long.
As I prepared to go home, I found a bee flying around some flowers that are apparently called “Birds of Paradise” (correct me if I’m wrong please).
So, I took out my camera and, well, judge yourselves.